Photographing Generations

This year, I have photographed some landmark events! Two 80th birthday parties, a 61st anniversary party and our own 40th anniversary!  The events were all different but one theme was clear: celebrating the history of a person or family.  One birthday party reunited 6 out of 7 siblings, most in their 80s (the “baby” was only 79).  Our own anniversary party brought friends and relatives from across the country and across the “pond”.  When celebrations bring families together, I am often asked to take pictures of  generations.  Having a picture with parent, grandparent and maybe great-grandparent, will allow that child to understand it’s place in family history.  Here are two pictures I took of four generations.kessel 61-74Erin M-7

Then there is this picture: three sets of twins in the same family!


Pictures are our memories, sure to be treasured for generations to come ♥


Author: Joanna's Digital Images

I am the owner of a Portrait and Event photography business in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

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