You can’t control the weather!

When you plan your wedding day, the details are endless! You pick the perfect venue, the perfect dress and the perfect caterer.  Wedding shows are full of vendors who will help you have the wedding you dreamed of.  As a wedding photographer, I scout the location ahead of time and make a shot list and time schedule to ensure that the bride and groom get every picture they want, as well as many that they haven’t thought of.  As well as the group pictures and the candids, outdoor pictures of the wedding party, usually taken between the wedding and the reception, are a big part of the wedding album.  There is one thing that you can’t control, however, and that is the weather!  I recently photographed Brian and Maria’s lovely wedding at the Kemper Center in Kenosha.  If you’ve ever been there, you will know that it has a spectacular setting on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I hoped to get lots of pictures by the lake.

The day dawned warm and windy but dry, with clouds and sunshine.  The forecast, however, predicted rain in the afternoon.  I drove to the venue in a downpour, which morphed into drizzle as the front came through and dropped the temperature about 20 degrees.  Not too good for pictures.  This is when a little planning can help-I noticed that there was a covered porte cochère attached to Founder’s Hall-that’s a covered porch where vehicles stop to discharge passengers.  We were able to get some pictures there, both against the brick wall and backing on to the sodden gardens, without the couple getting wet.  A little later, the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared over the lake!  We rushed outside to take advantage of it and it waited for us!  Despite the cold wind, we got some unforgettable pictures with our unexpected “guest”.  What a wonderful sign for the newly-weds!  Married life is not all sunshine, but after the rain, there are rainbows ☺Burgess wedding 1

Author: Joanna's Digital Images

I am the owner of a Portrait and Event photography business in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

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