So why should I hire a professional photographer?

I am taking part in another wedding show this weekend.  Selling myself and my services is not my strong suit so I experienced a few moments of panic, when the organizer told me I had ten minutes to talk to the crowd about my business!  Eeek!

I dutifully sat down at the computer to think about what I was going to say and it came to me that what I have to do is show these engaged couples that what I offer is valuable.  There is a lot more to wedding photography than showing up on the day with an expensive camera and pushing buttons!  After all, almost every newly engaged couple has a friend of a friend, or a relative who will offer to take pictures to save them money.  (We photographers often refer to this person as “Uncle Bob”)  Horror stories abound but this is not the place to share them. Instead, lets consider what you are paying for when you hire a professional to photograph your wedding!

When you hire a professional, you are paying for their experience and their skill.  That means that they know how to use their camera, how to pose individuals and groups in an attractive way, how to roll with the punches when something (inevitably) does not go according to plan.  They come prepared with spare camera equipment and a bag containing  everything from pliers to tape.  I have used my needle-nosed pliers to help bustle a wedding dress (those tiny buttons are killers!), my scissors to open packages of favors, and my tape to fix a torn hem.

You are paying for planning.  I meet with the couple several times before the wedding to plan their photographs.  They may have an elderly relative or childhood friend coming from a long distance-I want to be sure to get a picture of them together.  I also visit the venue to look for good photo locations (wet or dry weather) and check with the officiant on any restrictions.

You are also paying for your photographer’s skill in editing and re-touching your photos.  For every hour spent taking the pictures, there are probably three spent at the computer.  I’ll  design your album so you don’t have to and provide you with framed wall art ready to hang.

When you think about it, photographs are our memories in tangible form.  Your wedding day passes by in a blur but your album will help you relive the events again and again!


Author: Joanna's Digital Images

I am the owner of a Portrait and Event photography business in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

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