Looking Back, Looking Forward

Way back at the turn of the millennium, I bought a little plaque with the Latin words “Respice, Prospice 2000”.  The words mean, “Looking Back, Looking Forward”.  I think we all tend to look back at the end of the year, consider what went right and what needs to change. Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve 2018, I looked back at my year in photography.  I had some serious high spots, including the chance to attend The Portrait Masters Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in September.  I met some awesome fellow photographers, tried some new equipment and learned from world famous Master Photographers, like Lola Melani, Parker Pfister, Richard Wood, Platon, Felix Kunze, Joyce Tennison, Zack Arias, Richard Israel and, of course, the amazing Sue Bryce. It was a life changing event in many ways.41368215_10212402157157636_683988415359746048_o

I also had the chance to photograph my sister and cousin in my studio, when they visited me from England, and my son and family, including the newest addition, when I visited them in February.  There were all kinds of clients, from Senior Portraits and Weddings, to Real Estate and Marketing for “Mrs. Claus”!  It seemed to me that I was not that busy, but a review of 2018 showed me differently.

In 2019, I think I need to narrow down my  focus, but which genres to eliminate?  I love them all!  I also vow to write my blog a little more often ☺

Click the link below for a summary of the year-it was so hard to choose which pictures to include!  Happy New Year!

Joanna’s Digital Images Year in Review

Author: Joanna's Digital Images

I am the owner of a Portrait and Event photography business in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

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