Fall-the new favorite for weddings!

Traditionally, we think of summer as Wedding Season, but although summer is still a popular time to get married, fall is rapidly taking over as the favorite season, at least here, in the Midwest.  At a recent wedding expo, the majority of brides who stopped by my booth and filled out my questionaire were getting married in September or October, with multiple weddings booked for Labor day weekend!  Why is this?  I think the biggest deciding factor, based on my unscientific research, is the weather!  Fall colors look wonderful in pictures and fall weather is usually crisp and sunny.  Spring is the season for storms here in Southeastern Wisconsin and summer is usually hot and sticky.  It goes without saying that most couples don’t want to risk a snow storm for a winter wedding!  Your guests will not have to work around summer vacations to attend and popular resorts may be less crowded for your honeymoon.

Play up the colors of fall by using rich jewel tones for bridesmaid dresses and floral bouquets.  Harvest details make great decorations, too!

fall wedding

As a photographer, I love fall weddings!  Cooler temperatures and gentler light make for cool, happy brides and a less sweaty photographer too ☺  The secret is out: if you are considering getting married in the fall, be sure to book your venue and key vendors well in advance!

My first blog post

This is the post excerpt.

My name is Joanna Carlberg and I am a Portrait and Event photographer in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  My business name is Joanna’s Digital Images, LLC.  Although I have been in business for over ten years, I have never gotten up the courage to write a blog!  I hope what I write will be of interest to more than me and my cat ☺  Stay tuned for tips and photos from my shoots!IMG_3829-1